AER Textiles exclusively licenses artists and designers, recreating their works of art in the finest wools and silks. We also specialize in completely custom rugs & tapestries to the trade for residential and commercial projects. 

Our Story

Each day we're inspired to create one of a kind, beautiful textiles to tell a unique story and celebrate fine art.

AER Textiles serves a greater purpose. We strive to advance the art and the education community and empower our individual artists, ensuring they receive credit for their work, and promoting their name, by providing a product that tells the full story of its origin. We also engage art and design students by providing opportunities for them to express themselves in creative ways, and to learn about the power of art and design. We believe arts education empowers fundamental individual expression - the heart of design. 

Angel Rios

After a successful career working in collaboration with the world’s most celebrated luxury textile manufacturers, designers and architects, Angel has brought his love of art and design back to his hometown of Houston.  He founded and established AER Textiles, a bespoke carpet design and manufacturing company.

The Makers

We work with the finest rug manufacturers in the world, located in Nepal, China, and Thailand.  All of our rugs are handmade by highly-skilled artisans who use the finest materials in creating rugs using old-world tradition and modern techniques.